Support AAPI Lives

I am processing my anger, grief, and fear from Tuesday evening’s shooting deaths of 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian and AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) women, in Atlanta, Georgia.  The way the police handle the press conference stirred up my emotions even more.

I’m already nervous going outside due to the overall increase of hate crimes against Asians. I tried to take a walk today. It felt like torture. I had my phone and pepper spray with me.  I texted my friend where I planned to walk. Any person I passed by, I gripped my hand into the ready position to disperse pepper spray if I was attacked. If someone looked at me longer than what was comfortable,  I walked faster.  It is exhausting to be on such high alert.

Please check on your Asian friends. Whether they are full, half or part Asian, I can assure you they are dealing with a lot of emotions.

No one wants to play the victim, but unfortunately we are being put in that role daily.

Stop white supremacy. Stop fetishisizing Asian Women. Stop the purity doctrine in churches, it hurts women of all ethnicities.

Accountability is important. And stop humanizing and excusing murders. I have bad days and I don’t ever want to kill anybody.

We need your help. Learn and grow, be an ally.

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