Stop Telling People What They Want Doesn’t Matter

I overhead the the franchise CEO at my real estate brokerage firm tell someone I was a broker's assistant. I'm actually the marketing manager of the group. I was upset that he did not know that. I mentioned this to my co-worker and she told me I should not care and it doesn't matter. It … Continue reading Stop Telling People What They Want Doesn’t Matter

Support AAPI Lives

From annie_wu_22 on Instagram I am processing my anger, grief, and fear from Tuesday evening's shooting deaths of 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian and AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) women, in Atlanta, Georgia.  The way the police handle the press conference stirred up my emotions even more. I'm already nervous going outside due … Continue reading Support AAPI Lives

Racial Crisis

Right now, so many people see how racism is affecting our country.  The police brutality, the former President condoning people with Neo-Nazi or White Supremacy ties, and vigilantes murdering protestors, innocent people being targeted just for looking non-White.  People using their privilege to be superior to others.  I was born in Los Angeles.  I am … Continue reading Racial Crisis