A Love Letter to my Legs

Dear Legs,

I haven’t been very nice to you in my life.  I never liked how you looked.  You tend to stay heavy, when the rest of me changes in weight loss.  I can’t find pants that fit.  I tried many exercises and diets to get you to look better but nothing worked to  my satisfaction.  I have decided I want my mind, body and soul to be connected in contentment.  So legs, I love and accept you.

I thank you legs, that you make it possible to walk.  You help me move through my days.  You protected me when I had that horse riding accident.  You kept me from breaking my femur.  I am sorry for not appreciating you.  I am sorry for not defending you when people called me fat.  I am sorry for calling you ugly.  But I am so thankful to you.

I will continue to have a positive, loving outlook about you.  Thank you for everything, I love you forever more.




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