Plan now not later

My dad is currently in the ICU due to Covid. Even being fully vaccinated and boosted, he is immunocompromised, so Covid is still overtaking him. The last week has been a whirlwind. Besides the nerve wracking experiences of watching someone you love deteriorate, I have to learn about the finances of a 46 year married couple. Their passwords are invalid that they wrote down. Every lead is a dead end. I’m besides myself. My mom is overwhelmed and is not tech savvy.

Please plan things. It seems morbid to think when one is healthy and alive, to plan for the after part of a death but things can change in an instant and your loved ones are left scrambling as they grieve you.

Please send good thoughts and healing prayers toward my dad’s way. Thank you.

One thought on “Plan now not later

  1. Standing beside you. LMK if you need any help with legalistic things as I’ve had to research for myself recently or any other matters which possibly can lift some of the burden.


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