Let Today Be What it Needs to Be

I went to the store to look for Mother’s Day cards for my mom and mother in law. I said out loud, “where are the cards that just say, ‘Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you have a great day!’?”

There really aren’t any.

I am glad that many can buy a card with a lot of sentiment for their mothers. God bless those mothers who exemplify that example.  I am trying my best for my daughter to be a good, loving mother. I, both win and fail.

This post is to recognize that this holiday is difficult for so many. We may have mothers who:

Have passed on.

Abandoned us.

Are narcissistic/abusive towards us.

Chose alcohol/drugs/partners over us.

This day is also hard because many are:

Dealing with infertility issues.

Dealing with miscarriages.

Dealing with losing children by death.

And some have chosen not to be mothers for whatever reason yet people try to make you feel bad about that choice.

Some of us had a mother where they provided us the basic necessities but just didn’t like us because we didn’t become what they envisioned.

So today can be celebrated or be any other Sunday. As the beautiful poet, Morgan Harper Nichols stated, “let today be what today needs to be.”

I hold you in my heart ❤.

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