Is it Safe for Me to Go Outside?

Picture/Artwork by Colette Cady,
inspired by the poet, Morgan Harper Nichols

I am afraid to go out in public.  This fear isn’t due to Covid.  It is because I am an Asian-American.  

There has been an explosion of hate crimes of assaults and murders against Asians (especially the elderly) in parts of America ever since #45 referred to Covid-19 as the “China Virus”.  Similar crimes occurred against Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent after 9/11.  People want a boogeyman to hate.  But their hate is directed at the wrong thing, innocent people.

In Southern California, there is a city called Ladera Ranch. An Asian man and his family have been harassed for months.  Teens from the neighborhood have thrown rocks at his home and yelled racial slurs against him and his family (he has children as young as 5, who are too scared to go to sleep).  He stood outside every night to protect his home.  He was fed up and he reported the crimes numerous times to the Orange County Sheriff.  They did nothing.  He posted the security video.  Unfortunately, one of the parents of the teens got a lawyer and wanted to press charges against him because she felt her family was now being harassed.  A group of neighbors formed a neighborhood watch and sat in front of his home to deter these teens from coming back.  Media attention finally came around.  The harassment has calmed down, but sadly they are still coming around.

This is my question when it comes to people of non-white races, what are people so afraid of?  People who are U.S. citizens but born elsewhere or are here legally and who want a good life for their families, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!  

Regardless of race or orientation, we all want a beautiful life filled with possibility and opportunity.  We want to be loved, accepted, and feel safe.  There is room for everybody at the table.  May we not have fear but learn and obtain common sense and courtesy.

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