Uncover Your Faith

Today, I saw a feature on a television program about Reverend Dr. Lakeesha Walrond.  She became the first woman president of the New York Theological Seminary.  The feature story contained her recollection of when she heard her calling in the church, her plans for her presidency and how she endured sexual molestation at the age … Continue reading Uncover Your Faith

Managing Difficult People

I do not like experiencing tension between myself and others. In the past, I exhausted myself to make everyone else happy around me instead of protecting myself from the drama. As much as I desire peace and harmony between myself and others, there are times where it won't happen. I can promise peace for myself … Continue reading Managing Difficult People

Believing You Deserve Better

Colette, here. Writer for this blog, Anointed Courage. I have struggled with fear and anxiety most of my life. I felt a breakthrough to overcome these debilitating emotions in the last couple years. As I worked through these emotions, I started doing more things as they subsided. Today, I did something that scared me. I … Continue reading Believing You Deserve Better

Instead of Resolutions, Create Change and Growth

I worked at a family practice doctor about fifteen years ago. It was the last week of December and a patient came in to discuss with the doctor about losing weight for the coming year. This is a common resolution that usually ends in failure. This patient seemed determined. She told me that she planned … Continue reading Instead of Resolutions, Create Change and Growth