Surviving The Holidays

The Holidays can be wonderful and a memory making time. Yet, for many of us, it brings up heart ache and sadness. In the past few years, the holidays would bring up a lot of anger and anxiety. I had to deal with people who did not want to compromise or respect my family’s wishes on how to spend the holiday season. It made the holidays a time where I just wanted to get through it instead of enjoying the good that can come from it. I felt loneliness and deep sorrow.

So, to those who feel strong emotions this holiday season, I see you. I know you where you are at. You are not alone. Focus on the good in your life and the possibilities that this new decade will bring to you. ❤️

One thought on “Surviving The Holidays

  1. Well said! There is the cliché or “ideal” expectation for what holidays “should be.” And when these expectations clash or conflict – this is where effective communication and negotiation skills and healthy boundaries come in handy!
    Here’s so a successful 2020!


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