Focus on Yourself, Not Others

A couple of days ago, I threw myself a pity party. The reason was I felt invisible. These thoughts came into my head. I have nothing in common with my friends. They all hang out sometimes without me. I always have to invite people to things, if I want to see them.

These thoughts are not completely true. Usually I feel bad after I scroll through social media after I see vacation pics, hangouts between friends, people bragging about something or another.

I haven’t heard God’s voice in awhile. Maybe I stopped listening or something else was being planned by Him and I needed to wait. So I began praying (more like fretting), God bring me new friends or make me more likeable so I do not feel alone.

“No need to think about these things anymore. Stop comparing, just start doing things that bring you joy. Be thankful for your life.” Praise God for the Holy Spirit instructions!

If you are feeling less than thankful as we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, think deep and something will come up. Even if all you can be thankful for are drinking water and electrical power, you are doing better than many people in the world.

Remember all that God has done for you. You are valuable, important and lovable.

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