Goodbye Fear, Hello Faith

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

“Just have more faith” is something I hear Christians say to one another. I admit it upsets me, that is what we all feel we need. If there is an unfortunate circumstance, most of us want out of it as quickly as possible. I realized I need to adjust how I receive that term because it isn’t a simple thing to act out.

There are numerous social media groups for people struggling with depression and anxiety. I found a Christian women’s group for that very thing. Many post request prayer. There was a young, single mother who posted about her current, difficult situation. Many responses from the group were caring and helpful. Unfortunately, the young mother had a negative reaction or an excuse for every piece of advice given.

Her responses frustrated me. I suggested reading a book that helped me out, and I offered to mail it to her. She said, “no, thank you.” I understand not every piece of advice needs to be tried, but she didn’t want to hear anything. She seemed to blame everyone and everything and say she was too tired to deal. I unfollowed the post because it upset me. Immediately, I felt that the Holy Spirit tug and heard, “you do that too.”

I am familiar with the young mother’s response. My fears, disbelief in God, myself, and others opinions get in the way of my growth and healing. Sometimes, you stay stuck; it becomes comfortable. I would become so fearful, and I wouldn’t even try if I knew that failure was a possibility.

To heal, we need many resources, external and internal, to get on the path of healing. It takes hard work and dealing with pain. Admitting you need the help, is the first step to heal.

Faith is more than just believing for things that haven’t happened. It is about trusting God to do what He wants for us, not our own will. God will grant those things we hope for, sometimes not. But, this is difficult to accept, especially when you don’t know what God will do.

Prayer, reading the word, seeking wise counsel, and listening to worship music are great ways to help us increase our faith. Past experiences, where the Lord has delivered us from scary situations, are great ways to gain confidence that God is faithful. God knows our fears and our doubts. He is waiting for us to go to Him with our problems instead of carrying the burden of it all. As we heal, there is pain and recovery, but the breakthrough is our gift.

Lesson Learned: Say goodbye to fear, turn to God, and give Him all of your trust. Let the healing begin!

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers. I ask you to increase my faith and belief that you will do what is best for me. Show me when to work towards something and when to stop and let go. Forgive me for not trusting in you Father God. Thank you for protecting me and bringing me through the tough days. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

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