Recovery from Perfection

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.”  Psalms 51:12

There is a couple, Al and Marilyn Sargent, who are neuro-psycho emotional researchers in South Orange County, California.  They have an amazing practice where they train, coach, and consult with people to better than personal lives and/or their businesses.  Their techniques are simple and effective. I have had the pleasure of getting to know them in the last month.

There was a quote on one of their exercises, “recovery is more important than being perfect!”  This quote resonates deep within my soul. Social Media and the Film Industry promote perfection through good lighting, filters, photoshop, and airbrush.  Sadly, it tricks us to thinking this is reality.

I had to adopt a gluten free diet because I had a diagnosis of gluten allergy through my blood work.  My favorite food is pizza. Pizza is all about the crust. A tasty gluten free pizza crust is hard to find.  I found one at Trader Joe’s and decided to give it a try.

The directions told me to bake one side of it, flip it over to cook the other side and then top it with my favorite toppings and broil it for a few minutes.  Seems easy…

I went to flip it and the crust broke into 5 different shaped pieces.  I was so angry, I wanted to quit and dump the crust into the trash. But something stopped me.  I decided to still cook it and see if it would work than give up.  The pizza crust turned out fine.  So, I recovered. I didn’t strive for perfection, I decided to put forth the effort, make it work, and not waste food.

There are times in life, where we would rather give up than see it through.  Where would we be if God did that with us? We mustn’t give up because it isn’t perfect.  In our lives, things will get messy and uncomfortable. God doesn’t want us to give up because it isn’t perfect.  God wants us to rely on Him and recover.

Lesson Learned:  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  Sometimes, we need to recover and it all works out.


“Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for wanting things to be perfect all of the time.  Thank you for guiding me to be resourceful and for the wisdom to follow through. Help to never give up!  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”


2 thoughts on “Recovery from Perfection

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have given up instead of just following through and not worrying about the outcome. This was good!!!!


  2. Colette,
    Your interpretation of the concept is “perfect” in that each person will incorporate this message into his or her life in ways that work for them. It is such a relief to know that our self-worth is not dependent on doing everything perfectly to please others! As long as we do our best and live in faith that we will be guided if we only ask and listen, then the future with all of its unexpected twists and turns won’t be so scary. One of my clients worked at NASA when they put the rocket ship on the moon and he told me that once it launched it was on course correction 90% of the time!


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