Taking a Break

“Better is a dry morsel with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.”  Proverbs 17:1


Rest.  It is necessary and vital.  Most times it is neglected.  But our body and mind feel it when ignored.


My husband and daughter began school this past week and it was a stressful week.  We all had to get back a schedule and getting up early. A new school year brings excitement but is also nerve-wracking for teachers and students.  


My daughter had a lot of tears and it affected me.  The stress caused me to throw out my back (again).  The pain from the spasms were excruciating and moving made it worse.   It was depressing and upsetting because I was in bed all day for 2 days.  But I knew I needed the rest.


I began to feel better and tried to go to the grocery store.  As, I walked around the store, I realized it was a mistake to have gone out.  My back began to tighten and saw soda was on my grocery list.  I saw a store employee in the soda aisle and asked her if she could put them in my cart.


This employee named, Patricia, put the soda in my cart.  I told her about throwing out my back a couple of days ago.  Patricia asked, “why are you running errands?  You know your limitations.  Rest and ask for help.  My husband is on permanent disability because of his back.  I hate to see you go down that road.”


Society teaches us to be self-reliant and if you rest, you are lazy.  Especially us stay at home mothers, people already think we sit around and do nothing all day.  So you are constantly trying to prove your value because you do not get a paycheck.


Besides physical work, mental breaks are important too.  A lot of creative people take breaks because sometimes, there is just nothing to create.  And that is okay.  By taking breaks, it prepares you to be ready when you do need to create.


Mother Teresa spent a majority of her life dedicated to serving the people who were sick and impoverished.  A biographer showed her typical schedule in his book.  One would assume that she spent all day serving others. 

This was her schedule:

4:30-5:00 Rise and get cleaned up

5:00-6:30 Prayers and Mass

6:30-8:00 Breakfast and cleanup

8:00-12:30 Work for the poor

12:30-2:30 Lunch and rest

2:30-3:00 Spiritual reading and meditation

3:00-3:15 Tea break

3:15-4:30 Adoration

4:30-7:30 Work for the poor

7:30-9:00 Dinner and clean up

9:00-9:45 Night prayers

9:45 Bedtime


Her day was busy, but she took the time to nourish herself and her soul.


A friend reminded me of the airline emergency plan speech, where if the oxygen masks drop from overhead, you put yours on first then assist others.   Remembering this is difficult but it is necessary and vital.  God rested too.  Let that soak in as well.  


Lesson Learned:  God rested, so I need to as well.



“Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for trying to do too much.  Help me to delegate and ask for help.  Show me areas that I need to take breaks from and even eliminate.  Remind me to take care of myself and not to sweat it when life becomes overwhelming.  Heal us of our infirmities and make us whole again.  Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”


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