Inner Activist

“Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the orphans, fight for the rights of the widows.”  Isaiah 1:17


This past weekend, I was feeling depressed.   Nothing in particular happened, I just felt my burdens and other people’s sadness around me.   There was a heaviness in the atmosphere that would not leave.  


Early in that week there were reports the talented musician, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, took his own life.  I read about a local man who did the same thing.  He felt the hopelessness and couldn’t find a way to go on.


I had nothing to write about that could encourage anyone, because I didn’t feel very encouraged.  That saddened me too and questioned why am I even trying to be a writer.


So, I asked some of my friends, if they were feeling what I was feeling.  They came from all walks of life.  And they all said, “I don’t know what it is, but I feel depressed.”  One said, she was so tired of people not being responsible and here I am trying to make a good life for me and my family.  Another one said, she was in so much physical pain that she just wanted to sleep all day.  


The world has always been in an upheaval, but it seems more depressive than in a long time.


I never wanted this blog to be a political one or tout one side over the other.  I believe that both parties want the same thing,  a thriving life for themselves and for their children.  We just believe in different ways in arriving to that outcome.


Helping others seems to be the way to help ourselves.


Here are some examples of doing something…


A friend of mine who loves nature and camping in the great outdoors wants to help an organization that serves in protecting the environment.  She is an amazing artist.  She has begun drawing and painting landscapes and sells them.  All of her proceeds go to the environmental organization.  


Another friend, donates her time and her awesome cooking skills once a month and feeds 100 people at a facility who are transitioning from being homeless.    I know she is  forever changed by her selfless action.


Living in a first world country, most of us have the means to help in some way.  Whether it is with our time or money, we can help bring light to the world.


I know that I can longer be complacent and hope that the government-city, state or federal brings forth the change.  I can pray for our leaders (I have prayed for every President, even if I didn’t vote for them) and remain vigilant.  If I don’t like something, I can learn about it and see how I can bring forth change.  


One of the reasons, I get depressed, is that I see so many problems.  This causes me to get overwhelmed and wonder how can I make any difference.  That is just another lie from the enemy to do nothing and stay depressed.  Taking to Facebook to complain and ridicule the other side, DOES NOTHING but create discord and muster hatred.  


I am taking a deeper look into what causes speak to me and start helping.  A few years ago, when my daughter was younger, I decided to clean the nursery rooms at church.  I saw a need and instead of complaining, I did something.


So, let’s evaluate our lives and a be a part of the greater good.   There is an inner activist in all of us!


Lesson Learned:  Complacency has no place in the Kingdom of God.
Prayer:  “Dear Heavenly Father, I bind and rebuke this spirit of anxiety and depression over this county and the world.  Help us realize you are our Living Hope.  Speak to us, what people or causes you want us to be a part of in our community or the world.  Protect us from danger and equip us with what we need.  Let us be your hands and feet.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

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