Unknown Meddler

“He that passes by and meddles with strife belonging not to Him, is like one that takes a dog by the ears.” Proverbs 26:17

There are times where meddling is obvious. Then there are times where you mean well, but it ends up causing more problems. This is evident when we get in the way of God working in our lives.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a fire truck pass my home. I looked out my window and it stopped in front of my neighbor’s home. As most nosy people, such as myself would do, I went outside. A lot of neighbors were outside. My next door neighbor asked if I heard a woman screaming. It thought there were children playing on the green belt behind my condo, but that was not the case. There is a space between condominium units that gives access behind our condo unit to that community green belt. Another neighbor pointed over to the large group of people who were surrounding a young woman sitting on the grass. She was in great distress, crying and sweating.

I saw an ambulance pull up behind the fire truck . I told the paramedics that there is a better area to park the ambulance and to access the situation. Another night or gave them directions and they drove off. A firefighter came out to the fire truck  and saw the ambulance driving away. He started waving his hands feverishly in the air and yelling for them to stop. I told him what the neighbor and I suggested. He gave me this glaring look that could have burned two holes in me. He angrily said, “NO! NO! NO!” And stormed off.

I thought I just messed up big time. Time is so valuable in emergency situations, a matter of life or death. Thankfully the delay didn’t cost the patient her life. The paramedics got her on the gurney and into the ambulance quickly.

I began to pray for the woman and her situation. But God spoke to me and said, “you do that sometimes…you get in the way.” Thankfully God is more patient than that firefighter.

However, I am sure God is a little frustrated at how little I trust Him and try to do it my way.

I give myself a lot of worry and stress figuring out the different scenarios of how a situation could go. More grey hairs and wrinkles.

There are many situations that I had no working plan where I saw God take care of it all. We just need to trust the all-knowing, eternal expert. Whether it is trying to solve an argument or a situation, wait and see what God is doing instead.

Lesson Learned: Don’t get in the way of God or emergency personnel.

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