Remain Faithful

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope by  the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


This week marks the second anniversary of this blog, Anointed Courage.  I have faithfully written and posted every week, even when I felt like I had nothing to write.  My faith in this process has been tested and stretched.  But I must remain faithful.


God put in my heart to be a writer.  Except, everything in the world was telling me that I wasn’t good enough, especially myself.  I believed I had to be an excellent writer before I could even put any writing out into the world.  This blog has taught me to put myself out there and just write because perfection and pleasing the world won’t ever happen.


Last Sunday morning, as one of the pastors prayed, it gave me a God-infused pep talk.  He prayed about promises God has given us that we haven’t seen come to fruition.  The pastor mentioned how we must keep fighting and remain obedient.  God’s timing is never what we expect, but that it is on time.  


As I thought about what to name the blog, I knew that I wanted courage in the title.  I looked a bookmark that my friend gave me that described names of Jesus.  “Anointed one” was a name that caught my eye.  My courage was anointed by God.


In the beginning stages, I was trying to get things in order.  I was looking at everything to do except actually writing posts!  I prayed for help and heard God say, “just write and decide things later.”  So I did.


Too many things nowadays seem instantly successful.  But truthfully, they fizzle out and forget about their existence.  Two years of writing is nothing, but longer than I (honestly) thought I would do.


May we all grow in faith and know Jesus better.  This will help us remain confident and capable in the process and have the longevity to finish.


Lesson Learned:  God will honor his promises to us, remain faithful and have patience.



“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for instilling dreams in me.  Give me strength and patience during the journey.  Remind me that good things take time and that I should remain faithful.  Forgive me for being impatient.  I rebuked discouragement and fear.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

2 thoughts on “Remain Faithful

  1. So proud of your obedience to God Colette! You keep doing what He’s called you to do. You never know when He’s going to say “today is the day” for the next season I’ve called you to! Blessings!


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