No Time for Pity

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God, he created him: male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27


The notion of celebrating our uniqueness seems alien.  There is an idea that is fed to us, that we must look a certain way, influences our thoughts about ourselves and others and how we spend our money to achieve beauty.  My daughter and I were inside a clothing store geared towards tweens and early teenaged girls.  I noticed a young teen looking in a mirror and fixing her hair.  She was probably 13 years old and I noticed that she had Vitiligo, a skin condition where you lose the pigment in the skin.  My heart sank, because I felt bad for her. I thought I wonder how often she hears bad comments or get weird looks.


But I heard God say, “don’t feel sorry for her, just smile at her.  She doesn’t need your pity.   She is NOT this condition.  People need to look past it and see her for who she is.”


In our earthly body, there is also a mind and a soul.  Our actions, the way we live our lives will be remembered more than our beauty.  Whether people have physical or mental challenges that brings forth attention, we treat them as God would treat them or how we would want to be treated.  


So, when I had the opportunity, I smiled at the girl in the store and she smiled back.  That smile helped me more than it helped her.  Having pity doesn’t solve the world’s problems.

According to psychologist, Dr. Aaron Ben-Zeév,  “Pity expresses a negative evaluation of the bad situation of others. Nevertheless people do not like to be pitied.”  


Look past disabilities of others or even our own troubles.  Treat people with love and have compassion.


Lesson Learned: Having compassion for someone is better than giving pity.



“Dear Heavenly Father, help us have compassion for others and with ourselves.  Give us the vision to see past hurts and wounds.  Forgive us for having pity on others and ourselves.  Give us wisdom and clarity on exactly what we need to bring us aligned to your will for us.

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

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