Recruitment Status

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

I am not sure if I will ever hear God say precisely, “Dear child your purpose in life is…”. My patience gets weary because I want to know because I am not getting any younger. Maybe I have heard it, but ignore it because it doesn’t sound good to me.
Yet, I know something is out there for me to fulfill.

My pastor gave a great sermon (as he always does) last Sunday regarding how God is recruiting for His children to work here on Earth to further His Kingdom. We all play a part. Some people’s talents create life changing books, movies, music. Others are mentors or teachers that will give meaning to people’s lives. And some will live a life of service and help others have a better life. So what will I do?

I pray every once in a while about this subject. What should I be doing? But I realized whatever stage I am in my life, something can be done for the advancement of His Kingdom. As I reflect in the stage I am in my life, motherhood, I know I should be focusing a lot of my time and effort on my child.

In my life, I suffered through some things. A lot of fear and anxiety, abuse of many kinds and torment. When I was single, I remember a person at a church, praying for me and saying something about a “generational curse”. It was the first time I heard that term, but I understood it right away. Something happened somewhere in the generations of my family that carried through to me. I started to pray for my future child that this would not carry over to them and it would stop with me.

That story popped into my mind when I was thinking about my purpose in life. I knew that I would strive for my daughter to not ever suffer through what I did and generations before me. We hear about how genetics play a role in our health (physical and psychological issues) too. My husband made a conscious choice in his early 20s that he would not take after his biological father as he was an alcoholic. To this day, he has not had one sip of alcohol. (Thankfully, that was something I wanted in a husband, someone who did not drink.). He knew how it destroyed that man’s life and he did not want that carried over into his. It doesn’t have to be “like father, like son” when it comes to the bad things. Behavior can trump bad genetics.

If my only purpose in life is for my daughter to have a better life, than that is fine. Who wouldn’t want to be responsible for molding a child into an upstanding citizen. However, I do hope there is more!

Lesson Learned: No matter what your purpose may be, always look to advance His Kingdom.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for trusting me to advance your Kingdom. Equip me and shape me into what you want for me to achieve. Help me not get caught up in the world’s view of success. If there are any generational curses in my family, I bind and rebuke them now, in the name of Jesus. Restore those areas in my life. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

One thought on “Recruitment Status

  1. It takes courage to start your ministry/assignment at home. Your husband & children are often your toughest critics. And to break a generational chain of bad behavior is also a huge step to take. So….. good job to you!!!


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