Imitating Jesus


“If we say we are His, we must follow the example of Christ.”  I John 2:6


This morning, I was listening to the radio and a singer was talking about the birth of his daughter.  He said prayed that he would not mess up that relationship.  He asked God to remind him to treasure his daughter everyday and to know it is an honor to be her father.  


Of course, I immediately felt convicted.  


I thought about the times when I get mad at her making a mess or dropping and breaking something expensive.  But then I heard the saying, “WWJD-What would Jesus Do?”  An oldie but a goodie… If Jesus saw my daughter, He would love and speak over her encouragement.  You can still discipline and show love.  I’ve just been showing anger and disappointment.  


At church my pastor also reminds of showing the love of Jesus.  When he wants us to greet others, he says, “If Jesus were here, He would give you a hug.”  I want to think like this all of the time.  But it is hard sometimes to do this.


Every time I want to write a post for this blog, the fear comes up.  I am disappointed and impatient in how very few people seem to read this blog.   Everyone is just too busy.  It could be that it is just junk and that is the sad truth.  Then something keeps encouraging me to keep going.  In the last two days, there were 2 articles and a video that I came across regarding dreams you wish to accomplish.  I think God is trying to tell me something- just keep doing it, but as He would.


When I want to write but I can’t think of anything, I will pray for the words that God would want people to read.  If I encounter a problem, pray to God how He would want me to handle that situation.  Life is complicated, but Jesus makes it more clear and simple.  We can do a lot on our own, but with God it is usually the right way.


Lesson Learned: Imitate Jesus not the world.



“Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for taking on the burden of every problem.  I need your wisdom and encouragement Lord.  Give me discernment for every issue at hand.  Show me how you want others to see you through me.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

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