What We Need is What We Already Have

“Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” Philippians 4:11


We live in a disposable society.  The newest version of whatever comes out and we are drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  Marketing and advertising agents create discontent in our lives, so we can buy their new products.  At what cost?  More debt?  An adverse environmental impact?  Junk we don’t need to impress people we don’t like?  I don’t what any of those.


I remember appliances lasting 20+ years.  Now it seems if you get 10 years out of them, you are considered lucky.  Cell phones?  Forget it.  It seems when your contract was up in 2 years, your phone is ready to quit as well.  My husband hardly uses his cell phone.  He gets calls, emails and texts and checks the occasional football score, but that is it.  I am lucky if I can make it the end of the day before I have to plug it in.


This past November, our cell phone contract was finished.  I was itching to get a new phone.  But as technology changes, so does the cell phone carrier’s way of billing you.  Now they charge you monthly just to have that specific phone besides the call, text and data.  My husband’s phone was practically new.  My phone still looked and operated just fine.  When we looked into the costs, we decided we are going to keep our phones until they disintegrated.   We also asked the carrier to adjust our billing rate since we are month-to-month now.  We were able to lower our bill $40 a month for the exact the same service.

I was stoked to say the least!


Many times, we are discontented because someone else has something better: their relationship with God seems more holy, their relationship with their spouse seems happier, their kids are more well-behaved, they have a nicer home.  We see their edited pictures on social media.  Little do we know, it took 20 times to get the picture just right.  Not real life.


I realized that I already have what I need most of the time.  There is nothing wrong with new stuff.  I like it as much as the next person.  As long as I can afford it and there is a true need for it, there is nothing wrong with having it.  But when I already have gently worn shoes and clothes, do I need more?  Do I need a new phone and computer that works just fine, even if there are 5 new models that came out since I purchased it?  No, of course not.


I hope that God continues to show me, I already have everything I need.  May I give to those who are truly lacking and appreciate my blessings.


Lesson Learned: There is someone who wishes they have what I already have.  I am thankful for my current life.



“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for my life as it is already.  I pray that my life does not harbor any discontentment.  Thank you for the country I live in.  I thank you for everything I take for granted.  Help me take care of all in my life.  In Jesus’ Name.  AMEN!”

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