When the odds are against you, don’t give up

But you, take courage! Don’t let your hands be weak for your work shall be rewarded.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

I love a good comeback. I am sure most share in that sentiment. My favorite sports team, The Los Angeles Kings, had an amazing playoff run in 2014, where they did just that, they made a come back. In three of the four rounds played for the Stanley Cup Championship, they were facing elimination. Yet, they came back and won the whole thing. They never gave up.

I have this memory in Elementary School of it happening to me. But I was on the losing end of it. I was a play leader in 6th grade. This is where, I got to watch and help the kids in 2nd grade during recess time. During one of the kickball games, I kicked the ball way over all of the kids heads. I jogged around the bases, because there was no way, anyone of the kids would catch me. At some point, I even walked. I was almost at home base, when I saw the little boy right behind me and he tagged me out. I was stunned, as were all of the players in the game. I was so embarrassed. I denied it happened, as any prideful 6th grader would. But he said, “I got you out fairly.” He sure did.

Maybe God was teaching me a lesson about being cocky. But I appreciated this little boy’s tenacity to not give up. Even when it seemed impossible for him to catch me, he decided he would still try for it anyways. There are many times in my life, where I gave up so easily because I was scared or didn’t want to fail. If God has the plan for me to succeed, it will happen. But even if I am unclear if I will succeed, I need to still try for it. In the trying, it can: teach me a new skill or patience, meet new people and maybe even make new friends, and definitely learn a few lessons in the process.

Lesson Learned: Always try for it, no matter if I don’t succeed.


Dear Heavenly Father, please give me the strength to keep trying when I feel like giving up. Guide me Lord when I am in the middle of the storm. Instill in me the will to pursue. Thank you for your protection and wisdom. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

One thought on “When the odds are against you, don’t give up

  1. Amen, Sister! Courage is the key word in our lives right now! Live how the Holy Spirit weaves His thread of encouragement! Thanks for sharing


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