Showing that You Care

“And as for you, brothers and sisters, never grow weary of doing good.” 2 Thessalonians 3:13

I consider myself a “do good-er”. I try to be a good citizen and help out in ways that I can. Whether it is reporting things to city or my association, picking up trash or volunteering at my child’s school, I try to do something. I don’t usually receive much appreciation, but I know I won’t stop because it is just in me. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t care but I do.

When I was in college, I commuted to school. But during my last semester, my parents paid rent for me to live closer in a family’s home. I thought I was living with a traditional family but that wasn’t the case. The mom lied about the situation. I ended up living with her college aged son and another male roommate and she would live with her boyfriend at his home.   The one guy worked the night shift at his job and slept most of the day. Her son, Jon, was my age and attended another college. At first, I kept to myself but still had simple conversations with him. I let him know right away that I was a Christian. He let me know that he never went to church and used to have a drug problem. I got a lock for my door.

The living situation wasn’t ideal for me, but when I did see him, I would ask him how his life was as he would with me. I found out he played football for the school and he was interested in the same degree I was studying, Kinesiology. He seemed to want to do better with his life.

One night I woke up about 2 a.m. and heard a strange noise. I knew the one roommate was at work and thought it was Jon. I looked down the hallway and noticed he wasn’t home. It ended up being the dog drinking out of the toilet. (I never thought it was true but I know it is now!)  Jon came home shortly after I inspected the house and he saw me.   I told him I was worried he wasn’t home and hoped nothing happened to him. He has a weird look on his face and said, he was fine. I walked back to my room (locked the door, of course) and fell back asleep.

The next morning Jon told me how nice it felt to hear someone say they were worried about him. He said his mother nor his father ever cared where he was growing up. I told him that I have a problem of being a worrier and always kept tab of everyone in the house. He said he was happy for once someone cared.  I moved out shortly after because I still felt a little weird being alone in a house with men. But always hoped Jon would stay clean and in school.

Everyone says they are busy but I believe people really do want others to show they care in some way. If someone has a baby, surgery, suffers a death or divorce…whatever the situation people need a kind word, a good meal or prayer. Sometimes, we just don’t know what to do, but something is better than nothing. It always makes me feel better, when someone calls me and asks if everything is okay if they haven’t seen me in a while. I appreciate the friends that I have that take that time to do that out of their busyness. I am guilty of wasting time like nobody’s business: looking at Instagram or watching, actually binge watching Netflix. However, I am looking to change this behavior and make more time for better things to keep up my “do good-er” status and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Lesson Learned: Invest wisely in the caring of people, whether you receive appreciation or not.


“Dear Heavenly Father, help me to see when someone needs encouragement or help. Give me balance to do these things. Help me be the hands and feet of Jesus. Fill me with your love to show love to others. I pray that I be a “do good-er” for you Lord, not for my satisfaction or reputation. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

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